23 Quality Home Remedies For Alcoholism Treatment And Alcohol Help

Alcoholism implies the tendency to consume alcohol addictively. Alcoholism is widely considered a disease in the United States. Furthermore, it is a progressive disease. This means it becomes more serious and gets even more addictive with time.

Out of the 18 million Americans that abuse alcohol, only about 3 million seek help to overcome alcoholism.

The European Union has the highest percentage of alcohol drinkers worldwide. This greatly increases health and socioeconomic burden on member states.

Alcohol can affect both the function and structure of the brain, can impair one’s emotions and cause a person to make bad decisions.

Signs and symptoms of alcohol include; strong urge to consume alcohol, body becomes tolerant to alcohol (making the body to require more alcohol for the same physical effect), getting angry when alcohol is not available.

You could also get physical and health issues due to excessive consumption of alcohol. These issues include; bone loss, neurological issues, heart problems, diabetes complications, eye problems, liver disease, weakened immune system, increased risk of cancer, and digestive issues.

Alcoholism could also lead to social issues such as separation from family members, divorce, loss of job, domestic violence, suicide, and property damage.

It is difficult for an alcoholic to overcome his challenge without help. Family support and professional help would go a long way in helping overcome alcoholism.

Furthermore, dietary changes, lifestyle changes, social adjustments and home remedies can help a person overcome alcoholism and stay sober.

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17 Quality Home Remedies For Earache And Pain

Earache and pain could be very uncomfortable and may leave you writhing in agony.

The most common causes of an earache are an increase in air pressure, foreign object in the ear, tonsillitis, sore throat, toothache, ear injury, ear infections or ear wax clogging in the ear. Children are more susceptible to earaches than adults.

Depending on the cause and severity of an earache, it may take between 3 to 15 days for the ear pain to subside.

Below are 17 natural home remedies and treatments for earache and pain. Ensure the eardrum is not ruptured and/or you do not have tube in your ear before carrying out these home remedies; Continue reading “17 Quality Home Remedies For Earache And Pain”

24 Quality Home Remedies To Get Smooth And Glowing Skin

There are homemade beauty recipes and tips that can transform your skin into one that is smooth and glowing.

Rough, patchy and tired-looking skin doesn’t just make us look unhealthy and unkempt, they are also very unattractive.

Factors that could cause our skin to worn out include; use of harsh lotions, stressful lifestyle, excessive smoking, poor diet, lack of sleep, alcohol consumption, and exposure to harmful ultraviolet sun rays.

Furthermore, skin conditions such as acne, enlarged pores and wrinkles could also make us feel uncomfortable skin-wise. Below are 24 natural home remedies and treatments for smooth and glowing skin;

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