Well-Designed Tiny House With Paver Patio and Pergola

This is a fantastic looking tiny house with great layout. It also has a great looking paver patio with pergola and also a place to hang a hammock.


  • 220 Sq Ft tiny house
  • Well-terraced surrounding
  • Vegetable and flower garden
  • Paver patio with pergola
  • A place to hang a hammock and sit outside
  • Galvanized zinc for skirting of the trailer
  • Entrance stairways with storage underneath
  • Living room with couch
  • Flat screen TV
  • Fake fire place
  • Foldup table
  • Hutch for the Dishes
  • Full-size kitchen with oven and stove
  • Microwave
  • Fridge
  • Doodads to hang up spices
  • Storage closet under the stairs
  • Closet organizer
  • Full bathrooms with regular hookups and standup showers
  • Carpeted loft with queen-size memory foam mattress

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Tiny House Tour: Tour of an Eco-Friendly Aerodynamically-Designed THOW

This tiny house shows high level of consideration to its Eco-friendliness and aerodynamic design. It also has a lot of custom features from the sinks and bath tub to the woods used for its interior construction.


  • Costs about $160000 to build
  • Aerodynamically-designed THOW
  • Clear Western Red Cedar siding
  • On-demand water heater
  • Front deck
  • Couch with storage underneath in the living room
  • Closet underneath stairs
  • Heating stove to heat up living room
  • Lots of storage around the house
  • Induction stove
  • Copper sink with pine countertop
  • LED lighting
  • Stainless steel DC-powered fridge/freezer
  • Large bathroom with copper bathtub and copper sink
  • Composting toilet
  • Loft with loft hatch/window

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