16 Health Benefits Of Anise Tea

Anise tea is a herbal tea prepared from seeds and leaves of anise plant (Pimpinella anisum).

Anise has been grown in the Mediterranean region and the Middle East for hundreds of years. It is considered for both its culinary benefits as well as for its therapeutic content.

Anise has a distinct flavor which some may find unappealing. However, it is still very popular.

Below are various health benefits of anise tea;

1. Anise Tea Acts As A Gas-Releasing (Carminative) Agent

Anise tea is an effective releasing agent of gas in the intestine. Its constituents help in the relaxation of the muscles in the intestine, which helps in the elimination of gas. If anise tea is drunk after meals, it gives relaxation of muscles which is important for the digestion process of food. This tea acts as a laxative and prevents constipation. It is delicious, appetizing and helps in stimulating hunger. It also clears bloated belly and helps you relax.

2. Restores Appetite

Bloated belly and improper digestion of food are common reasons for loss of appetite. Anise tea is able to clear bloated belly hence restoring food appetite. Its anecdotal evidence can also help to stimulate one’s appetite. This helps people who are suffering from eating disorders as well as those recovering from illness or surgery.

3. Elimination Of Bad Breath

Drinking anise tea helps in fighting unpleasant mouth odor. Anise tea has a pleasant aroma which helps to cover the bad odor. Arise seed contains antimicrobial compounds which help to lower the growth of odor-causing bacteria in one’s mouth.

4. Aids In Digestion

Anise tea could be used as a mild laxative. For instance, drinking this tea when you feel a bit blocked up can quickly stimulate the relaxation of muscles of the small intestine causing gas to release, thus, relieving chances of constipation. Its stimulating property is effective in helping people suffering from indigestion problems. Anise tea also helps to treat abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea. Taking this tea regularly helps relieve gastric ulcer. Drinking this tea especially after taking heavy meal would help you to speed up the digestive process and to prevent excess gas in your intestines.

5. Anise Tea Acts As A Dietary Supplement

Anise tea is important in various diets. It has soothing and cooling property in reducing sleeping disorder. Drinking this tea before you go to bed would help in lowering the level of stress hence promoting the quality of your sleep. It helps in the relaxation of the nerves and promoting calmness of the mind. It also helps in the proper circulation of blood in the system. This tea is helpful in treating various health-related problems. Anise constituents help in stimulating lactation, preventing headache, controlling metabolism, cough and preventing menstruation cramps. People have used it to treat several sicknesses including bloats in the stomach, toothache, and headache.

6. Acts As Stimulant

Anise has stimulating properties that are beneficial to us. Drinking this tea would help in stimulating circulation and preventing chances of arthritis. Its stimulating properties also promote secretion of hormones and enzymes which help in boosting metabolic processes in the body. It also stimulates the nervous system and the brain to make us active.

7. Aids In Lactation

Drinking anise tea by nursing mothers can help in increasing the production of milk and lactation. Anise tea’s mild estrogenic properties help to stimulate mammary glands. This enhances milk production. Anise tea is safe to be used by breastfeeding mothers and it does not have any side effects. Drinking anise tea is also helpful in expecting mothers as it facilitates and regulates the delivery process.

8. Relief From Asthma

Anise tea is greatly functional as an anti-inflammatory and expectorant agent. The anti-inflammatory properties of this tea help to soothe irritations in the respiratory system hence providing relief from problems such as asthma. Its expectorant effects help in removing mucus from the airways thereby neutralizing further exacerbation. This tea is great for general inflammatory problems.

9. Anise Tea Can Be Used For Pain Relief

Anise tea is commonly considered to be an ideal remedy for chronic pain. It helps in reducing pain in patients suffering from joints trauma. Anise contains oil which helps in neutralizing certain toxins in the body. It also contains antispasmodic elements which are helpful in lowering pain in the muscles. Furthermore, the analgesic properties of anise tea are almost similar to that of aspirin. Therefore taking this tea can help you to get relief from muscle pains.

10. Good For Heart Health

Studies have proven that Anise oil has great importance in regulating blood pressure levels. Anise has detoxifying properties which help in increasing blood flow and helps the heart to be strong, healthy and maintain a normal rhythm. Anise tea is full of flavor and its aromatic, sweet and cool effect are considered to be healthy to the heart. The presence of potassium in anise tea also benefits the heart. Potassium acts as a vasodilator which helps in relieving the tension on arteries and the blood vessels, hence reducing the risk of atherosclerosis, stroke and heart attack, and preventing coronary heart diseases. Taking this tea regularly would help your heart to function well.

11. Stimulates Menstruation

Anise contains anethole which makes anise tea have estrogenic properties. This enhances the menstrual cycle. Drinking anise tea during menstruation helps in contractions of the muscles of the stomach. This herbal tea is beneficial to women suffering from irregular periods.

12. Treatment Of Skin Problems

Topical application of anise tea is beneficial in the prevention of growth and spread of bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. As such, it helps in treating complications such as scabies. Rinsing irritated skin using anise tea is also helpful to relieve itching of the skin caused by the mite infestation. Drinking this tea is beneficial in boosting the immune system which inhibits inflammatory and infectious skin conditions. Also, applying anise tea directly to the affected area would help you to reduce the symptoms of Psoriasis.

13. Reduces Dysmenorrhea

Anise tea contains dianethole and photoanethole which mimic the female sex hormone, estrogen. This is helpful in relieving menstrual pain – Dysmenorrhea. Drinking this tea is beneficial in treating cramping during menstruation cycle.

14. Promotes Good Sleep

Anise tea helps in regulating sleeping disorders if consumed after dinners. It contains cooling and soothing properties which promote good sleep. It balances neurotransmitter levels, thus, reducing anxiety and promoting good sleep through sedative effects.

15. Increase Urine Flow

Anise tea has a diuretic effect which helps to promote a healthy outflow of urine. This prevents fluid retention by eliminating excess water from the body. The mild diuretic effect of anise tea also prevents the accumulation of toxins in the body by detoxifying the kidney. Drinking of anise tea regularly can promote kidney health and ensure its proper functioning and can also prevent kidney stones formation.

16. Reduce Sugar Cravings

Drinking anise tea helps in suppressing cravings for sugar. Anise tea has a sweet flavor which satisfies the craving for sugar. It is an effective remedy for people who are overweight or are diabetic and are finding it difficult to control their cravings.