15 Health Benefits Of Lemon Ginger Tea

Lemon ginger tea is rich in antioxidants and immune-boosting properties as its two major constituents, lemon and ginger, are rich in antioxidants and immune-boosting properties.

Though it is called a tea, lemon ginger tea is basically an infusion of ginger root and lemon juice. It may not have any tea leaves. However, this does not make lemon ginger tea any less potent and beneficial to your health. Furthermore, in making lemon ginger tea, people usually add honey and/or tea leaves for additional taste and health benefits.

Below are various health benefits of lemon ginger tea;

1. Improves Circulation And Blood Flow

Having a cup of lemon ginger tea would make you feel active as it improves blood circulation. Also, this tea has the ability to release the much-needed minerals and amino acid ion to your body to ensure that the blood flow is smoother and also helps in preventing the risk of some cardiovascular diseases. This tea also helps in loosening the phlegm in your lungs. Additionally, it helps in the expansion of the lungs to enable the smooth process of breathing, as well.

2. For Treating Cough And Common Cold

General respiratory problems such as coughs could be inhibited by regularly drinking lemon ginger tea. This works well to enlarge the lungs and loosen up phlegm. You can also recover from breathing problems.

3. Eases Stomach Cramps And Relieves Nausea

Ginger is effective at calming the stomach from various causes of nausea. Whether the nauseous feeling is from seasickness, morning sickness, anxiety or stress, intoxication, surgery, foodborne illness, or even chemotherapy, these symptoms can be reduced and even eliminated with ginger. Probably the simplest and most common way to ingest the ginger for this benefit is by drinking a lemon ginger tea.

4. Relieves Sore Throat, Bloating, And Flatulence

Pain in the body can come in many varieties and is something that many people try to avoid as much as possible, for obvious reasons. Consumed as a liquid, such as in a tea, ginger can help soothe the pain of a sore throat. As a digestive aid, the pain associated with bloating and flatulence are also reduced by using this wonderful herb via lemon ginger tea.

5. Improves Digestion

Lemon ginger tea is a salivary gland, gallbladder, and overall gastrointestinal stimulant and, as such, encourages healthy digestion. As a stimulant, it increases the amount of saliva produced, as well as the amount of bile the gallbladder produces. This tea helps move and process the food all the way through the digestive system and helps prevent the build-up of painful gas.

6. For Heartburn

Another health problem that lemon ginger tea can effectively treat is heartburn. Heartburn is a burning sensation felt just above your belly. It’s also felt in the neck and the throat. The windpipe is often troubled when digestive juices from the stomach happen to be thrown upward. Lemon ginger tea is effective against heartburn/acid reflux because it includes gingerols and phenols.

7. Helps To Alleviate Chronic Pain

Lemon ginger tea also helps to alleviate chronic pain and a recent study found that it was more effective than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for this purpose. It is suggested that this may be due to its property of reducing inflammation by lowering the levels of certain hormones which cause inflammation. Preliminary laboratory studies have also demonstrated that lemon ginger tea constituents may be effective in protecting against Alzheimer disease and in slowing the progress of ovarian and colorectal cancers. More testing needs to be done to confirm this, however.

8. Increases Fertility

Anecdotal evidence shows that lemon ginger tea is an aphrodisiac that actually works to boost a man’s fertility. Some research has also shown that regular intake of ginger may increase your sperm count and help with erectile dysfunction.

9. Helps Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

Lemon ginger tea intake improves and increases blood circulation in the body, triglycerides, the good cholesterol (HDL). It also inhibits arterial plaque, blood fats and prevents arteries from clogging. It also reduces LDL oxidation or the buildup of bad cholesterol.

10. Helps Relieve Asthma

Asthma patients can drink lemon ginger tea regularly in order to reduce the likelihood of an asthma attack. Phlegm is loosed by drinking lemon ginger tea and expands the lungs, thus, preventing difficulty in breathing. The person who suffers from bronchial allergies or sneezing may overcome these problems by taking lemon ginger tea.

11. Helps Prevent Colon Cancer

Stopping colon cancer is just one more of the numerous health benefits of lemon ginger tea. Scientific studies show that colon inflammation could exacerbate to colon cancer. Lemon ginger tea can indeed prevent colon cancer by bringing down colon inflammation.

12. Reduces Menstrual Cramping

Menstrual cramps in women could be so much annoying and painful. Lemon ginger tea with brown sugar could be given as a herbal remedy for menstrual cramps. Women can take lemon ginger tea to get relieved from menstrual cramp issues they experience.

13. Relieves Stress

Another health benefits of lemon ginger tea are that they help relieve stress. Having a cup of lemon ginger tea could act as an effective stress buster and help improve your mood. This tea helps you feel relaxed, refreshed and calm and in case you are having a bad day, all those negative vibes could be mitigated. Lemon ginger tea acts as a remarkable stress reliever since it has a comforting as well as a relaxing scent.

14. Could Help Break A Fever

Blood circulation in the body can be increased by drinking lemon ginger tea. A boost in perspiration can be brought about with an increase in blood circulation towards the skin surface. This could help break your fever.

15. Boosts Immune System

You can get a strong and healthy immune system by drinking lemon ginger tea regularly. The antioxidants contained in lemon ginger tea help to maintain good immunity levels. This enables your body to fight off diseases and infections more effectively.