32 Benefits And Uses Of Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is a natural by-product of the crude oil refining process as the crude oil is converted to gasoline and other petroleum products. Mineral oil has somewhat limited health benefits. However, its numerous practical uses have made it a must-have in various homes.

Mineral oil is odorless and colorless in nature. It is well used in medicine, cosmetics, preservatives, etc.

Below are various benefits and uses of mineral oil;

1. Helps To Smoothen Your Cracked Feet

Applying different heel cream on your feet would only provide you with temporary benefits. By applying mineral oil regularly before going to bed, it would provide you with soft and supple skin that would be crack-free. It is suggested that you wear socks after massaging your heels. This would help to make your heels softer and it would also keep your bedsheet clean.

2. Helps You To Eliminate Rashes

Mineral oil is considered an effective remedy for dealing with skin rashes. You can apply some mineral oil directly on the skin of your baby to prevent rashes. It would also help you to protect your skin from burn by radiation treatment. This is a natural solution that would not only save you money but also protect your baby from creams that claim to remove rashes but are filled with harsh chemicals or steroids that are extremely damaging for the skin of your baby.

3. Easily Remove Stickers From Surfaces

It is very hard to remove stickers from non-porous surfaces. You can apply mineral oil on the top of the sticker so that it would peel off very easily without damaging or scratching the top surface. You can also remove price tags by using the same method.

4. Cleans Off Your Makeup

Mineral oil would help you to clean layers of makeup from your skin. The alkanes, in mineral oil, are quite effective at breaking up makeup oils and chemical mixtures. By applying mineral oil on your skin with the help of cotton balls it will wipe the greasy makeup from your skin without hurting your skin. By applying this oil to your eyebrows and eyelash area, it would help them strong, healthy, and soft.

5. Use As A Natural Baby Oil

Baby oil is basically mineral oil with added artificial fragrance. It is very easy for you to save your money by applying mineral oil on your baby’s skin and to protect the skin of your baby from artificial fragrance and other chemicals added to the typical baby oil. The artificial ingredients and fragrance that are added to baby oil might cause skin allergies and inflammations.

6. As An Effective Moisturizer

Mineral oil is an effective emollient that helps to trap water in the skin. As such, it is a common ingredient in numerous moisturizers. You can use mineral oil to help treat dry skin. However, it is advisable to avoid the mineral oil buildup on the skin by ensuring you clean off previous application before reapplying to avoid skin irritation.

7. Protects Your Skin From The Harsh Weather

Mineral oil helps protect your skin against harsh weathers. It would create a natural barrier against harmful free radicals and other environmental damages that might be hurtful to your skin. By applying mineral oil on your skin often, you would protect your skin, especially in cold weather, from being flaky and dry.

8. Easily Clean Off Temporary Tattoos

If you are fond of temporary tattoos then mineral oil would be an effective choice for you to remove those temporary tattoos in no time. All you need is to pour a little quantity of mineral oil on a washcloth and rub off the tattoo, gently, with it.

9. Removes Ear Wax

It is very easy to get rid of earwax with mineral oil. All you need to do is to apply some drops of mineral oil in your ears before going to your bed for about five days regularly without missing a single day. This would eventually soften your earwax. Rinse your ears with lukewarm water and tilt your head so that the wax would get drained easily. To dry your ear, you can use a hair dryer in low mode.

10. Helps To Kill Ear Mites In Dogs

Another effective benefit of mineral oil is that it is safe for your pets as you can use it for your dog to deal with issues with ear mites. Use a dropper to apply some drops of mineral oil in the ears of your dog in each ear. Gently massage the ears of your dog to spread the oil. This would help to provide comfort to your dog.

11. Kills Aphids From Plants

Mineral oil helps to kill the spider mites and aphids. You need to simply make an effective home remedy solution to protect your plants. You need to use dishwashing soap, mineral oil, and water. Mix this solution well and use it to protect your plants.

12. Remove Gum And Wax

Sometimes gum or wax get stuck in your hair that is very hard to remove without damaging your hair. To remove the gum from your hair easily, you need could apply mineral oil on your hair or affected area. Rub that area gently to remove the gum from your hair. Furthermore, after waxing your body, you can apply some mineral oil on your body to remove the extra wax from your body.

13. Removes Excess Oil Or Paint From Your Skin

To remove the excess oil or to remove the stains of paint from your skin you could use mineral oil on your skin. This would help make your skin clean and make it more glowing than before. If you apply some other chemical to remove the paint from your skin, it might damage your skin, or you might suffer from a skin allergy.

14. Improves The Life Of Your Drawer Channels

If your drawer channels are not working properly then you could apply a little amount of mineral oil on them to lubricate them. This would help the drawer channels to work properly without getting jammed.

15. Helps To Remove Bandage Without Pain

If you soak your bandage with enough adequate mineral oil. Then, the bandage would gradually get unstuck from your skin and would be easy to remove without pain. If you still feel pain when removing the bandage, then you need to apply more oil on the bandage according to your need.

16. Deals With Your Stomach Disorders

Mineral oil works as the laxative and lubricant. It would give you relief from constipation. But it should not be used by those who are younger than the age of six years and for those who are incapacitated or bedridden. It would also help you to deal with disorders of your stomach and help to inhibit bacterial infections as well as protect you from the stomach diseases.

17. Enhances Linoleum Finishes/Flooring

Numerous people like well-polished linoleum counters. Mineral oil would help improve the color and polish of your faded linoleum finishes by just applying a small quantity of mineral oil over them. Do not constantly use the oil on it else it might break the linoleum. You can use it occasionally on special events to enhance the look of your kitchen or to give it a new look.

18. Wood Conditioner

Sometimes we remain unable to effectively clean our furniture and unable to remove the stubborn stains from them. Mineral oil helps you to polish your furniture without damaging them. It would not only help to improve the shine of your furniture but would help you to enhance the life of your furniture.

19. For Wood Cutting Boards And Kitchen Tools

Picture By Timtempleton CC BY-SA 3.0

Mineral oil helps to increase the life of woods. If you want to improve the quality of your cutting boards and other wooden utensils, that are used in your house, then you need to apply a little amount of mineral oil on them. It will make your utensils more hygienic and kills the bacteria. You can wipe out the excess oil with a rag.

20. Reduces Your Floor Screech

Floor screech is one of the most irritating noise. If you want to get rid of it, you just need to apply a little quantity of mineral oil. You need to pour the small amount of oil into the noisy joints and clean up the excessive oil. You would notice that, within no time, the noise would stop.

21. Quiet A Noisy Door

If you are fed up with your noisy doors then you could apply simple mineral oil to your door hinges to make them noise free. It is a better and safer option when compared to other chemical solutions.

22. Keep Your Garden Tools Rust-Free

If you apply a thin layer of mineral oil on your garden tools, it would protect your tools from rust and improve the life of their wood handles and you would be able to use them for a long time.

23. Clean And Upkeep Knives

Mineral oil helps to create a fence/shield against atmospheric moisture as well as maintain the sharpness of your knives by making them rust-free. Mineral oil is also considered as an effective lubricant and increases the life of your knives.

24. Prolong The Life Of A Shaver

To enhance the life of razors, you need to take extra care of them such as drying the blade of the razor after every use and applying a thin layer of mineral oil to the blade of the razor to keep it rust-free. This would also keep the blade lubricated and maintain its usability for the next trim.

25. Improve The Shine Of Your Stainless Steel

It is quite difficult to polish the surface of your stainless steel and to maintain its sheen. If you have mineral oil, then you can polish your stainless-steel surface at any time. You just need to apply the mineral oil with some soft cloth to remove the water and your finger spots. This would make the surface of steel shiny and polished and also remove all the ugly and stubborn stains from them.

26. Straighten Out Your Chain

Sometimes it is very hard to straighten the knot of your favorite chains like gold or silver chains. There is no need to pay a heavy amount to a jeweler or to waste your time. By following this simple tip you can straighten it yourself; to fix this problem you can dip the knotted area of your chain in mineral oil and try to untie the knot with a pin. In no time, you would see that knot get easily untied and you can wear it without paying a jeweler.

27. Improve The Sheen Of Your Hair

By applying mineral oil regularly, it would help you to improve the shine of your hair and help you to make your hair roots stronger. This would also help you to improve the growth of your hair and make them shiny and silky. But keep one thing in mind; do not apply too much oil otherwise it might damage your scalp.

28. Improve The Blade Of Paper Shredder

Sometimes your paper shredder blade will get jammed and won’t work properly. You can easily un-jam the paper shredder by dripping it in the little mineral oil or by applying a little quantity of mineral oil directly to the blades to keep your cutter working rapidly and smoothly.

29. Store Eggs For A Long Time

Sometimes we might need to store eggs for a long time. This might be a concerning situation for you. But now it is very easy to preserve eggs without using the fridge for a long time, such as for several months, by applying a little quantity of mineral oil on the eggs – make sure you leave no part of the egg exposed. You would observe that after several days when you want to use those eggs, you will find them fresh.

30. Polishing Your Guitar Fretboards

To polish and clean the fretboard of your guitar, you can use the mineral oil to make it clean once or twice in a year. This would keep your fretboard lubricated and prevent it from getting dry. Mineral oil helps to improve the life of your guitar and it is an effective treatment for the fretboard.

31. Reduce Skin Fine Lines

Mineral oil can deal with prominent fine lines or creases on your skin. That is why this oil is a constituent in almost all age-defying creams. You need to apply a little amount of this oil on your skin and massage your skin gently. Within three weeks of using it, you would notice a significant difference in your skin creases and fine lines. However, do not apply it regularly to avoid skin damage.

32. Prevents Dandruff

Mineral oil could prevent dandruff from inflicting your head as it has the quality to lubricate your skin. You just need to apply enough quantity of mineral oil to your scalp and massage it gently to get rid of dandruff and flaky skin. Thereafter, take a shower with warm water.