7 Amazing Tiny Houses With Industrial-Style Furniture or Fixture Ideas

Below are 7 lovely tiny houses with industrial furniture or fixtures. All these tiny houses have previously been featured in Tiny Quality Home.

1. Tiny House Workshop that Accommodates Heavy Machinery and is Solar Powered

This tiny house workshop is capable of accommodating heavy woodwork machinery and it is also solar powered. You would see numerous industrial fixtures and appliances being aptly placed in this tiny house.


2. Horsebox Converted to Tiny House

This tiny house was a horse box that has been converted to a tiny house. It has numerous custom bespoke features and some really creative ways
to use space for tiny living. In this horsebox converted tiny house, there are numerous wood-work industrial furniture and copper-based fittings and piping.


3. 8ft x 24ft Beautiful Tiny House

This is 8′ by 24′ tiny house. Take note of the subtle use of industrial fittings and fixtures.


4. Eco-Friendly Aerodynamically-Designed THOW

This tiny house shows high level of consideration to its Eco-friendliness and aerodynamic design. It also has a lot of custom features from the sinks and bath tub to the woods used for its interior construction. Also take note of the copper fittings and wood-based industrial furniture.


5. Extraordinary Off-Grid Tiny House Built with Nature and Golden-Ratio in Mind

This fantastic off-grid tiny house was built with natural inclinations and the human body golden-ratio in mind. Take note of the off-grid improvised industrial setting.


6. Tiny House with 400 Series Stainless Steel Wall and Radiant Floor Heating

This tiny house was designed with a unique attention to details. It comes with some unique features like a 400 series stainless steel wall, roth radiant floor heating and it is also off-grid ready.


7. Prototype Solar Powered Tiny House Pod

This tiny house pod, the innovation pod, can be configured into various shapes and sizes. It can also serve various purposes such as a mobile office, a shop, a tiny house or an art gallery. It also has numerous industrial-style decor.


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