Urban Tiny House Cabin With Great Layout

This is a tiny house urban cabin with great layout. It has a full-size fridge, a 4 burner stove and a baby’s room.


  • Full-size stainless steel fridge
  • 4-burner range
  • Rustic but fresh wooden shelf in kitchen
  • Large windows
  • Washer/dryer combo
  • Double French door
  • Stainless steel zinc with quartz countertop
  • Baby crib room with shelf organizers
  • Bathroom with shower stall, compost toilet and sink
  • Bedroom loft with queen-size bed and wall shelving units

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Hippie House Cabin Built By Hand Without Metals

This cabin was originally built in the 1970’s by nudists/hippies of that era. It was originally built with no nails or metals to make a statement in basic living.

The house has a lovely deck, wood stove heater, a loft with bed and lots of rustic wooden furniture.

This cabin also has a great view surrounding it.

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Tiny House Cabin That Costs $8000

This tiny house cabin cost $8000 to build. It is powered by a small sola panel/lithium battery kit. It is a riverfront cabin.


  • Bunk bed
  • Ceiling fans
  • Solar panel/Lithium battery energy kit
  • Dining table for two
  • Loft for sleeping or storage
  • Flush toilet
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Small window unit AC
  • Rechargeable fans
  • Microwave oven
  • Dorm-size fridge
  • Heater for winter

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Tiny House/Cabin Camp With Rustic Furniture and Interior Ideas

This tiny house/cottage camp is the Pine Crest Cabins. They have a simple rustic decor to them.


  • 12′ x 13′ living space
  • Front porch
  • One room with double bed
  • Fridge
  • Flush toilet, sink and shower in bathroom
  • Small propane Eco-Therm heater
  • 60-gallon propane tank

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7 Amazing Tiny Houses That Can Serve As A Cabin Alternative

These 7 lovely tiny houses can suitably serve as a cabin house alternative. All the tiny houses below have previously been featured on Tiny Quality Homes.

1. 7ft by 18ft Tiny House

This is a compact tiny house with sufficient features for a tiny house living. This house is ideal for a single person interested in off-grid living or a single person trying to achieve a good mobile work/life balance. It would also make a great get-away cabin alternative. Continue reading “7 Amazing Tiny Houses That Can Serve As A Cabin Alternative”