Tumbleweed’s Mica-20 Tiny House (A Shipping Container Alternative)

This is a tiny house that uses Tumbleweed’s Mica 20 tiny house plan. This house features a queen-size bed, Sheetrock interior wall and lots of picturesque windows.


  • 20 Ft tiny house
  • Wood-frame built
  • Sliding glass door at entrance
  • Sleeping alcove with queen-size bed, upper wall cabinet and shelf
  • Mini-split AC/heater unit
  • Sheetrock interior wall
  • Induction stove top
  • Small fridge/freezer combo unit
  • Stainless steel sink with butcher block countertop
  • Upper wall cabinetry in kitchen
  • Flush toilet with 24″ x 24″ shower stall

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Tiny House Built With SIPs

This tiny house was built with SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels). It has two lofts; one bedroom loft and one storage loft. It also has a solar power setup to support its energy needs.


  • Solar powered house
  • Cedar exterior construction
  • Front porch
  • Ceiling fan
  • Gloss-finished wood countertop with cabinets in kitchen
  • Upper wall cabinets
  • Bathroom with shower head
  • RV flush toilet and small sink in bathroom area
  • Queen-size bed in bedroom loft (loft has dorms)
  • Storage loft

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Tumbleweed’s Linden Tiny House Plan Called Atticus

This tiny house is called Atticus. It was made using the Tumbleweed’s Linden Tiny House Plan. This house is one of the five tiny homes in Mt. Hood Tiny House Village.


  • Large front porch
  • 20 Ft trailer
  • Tumbleweed Linden design plan
  • Flat screen TV on a swivel
  • Stainless steel sink with butcher board countertop
  • Electric stove top
  • Small Fridge/freezer combo
  • Mitsubishi mini-split AC/heater unit
  • Bedroom, on ground floor, with twin-size bed
  • Large closet space
  • Full-size 32″ x 32″ shower stall
  • RV flush toilet and tiny ceramic sink in bathroom
  • Medicine cabinet in bathroom
  • 2 lofts: One bedroom and one storage loft
  • Dining area with table and sitting for two
  • Small couch

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20Ft Shipping Container Tiny House Plan With Dimensions

This is a 20′ free tiny house shipping container floor plan. It has the basic features for a full home living as a tiny house. As you would notice, it comes with a futon that can serve as a couch or a bed. You can see our other free tiny house plans here. Continue reading “20Ft Shipping Container Tiny House Plan With Dimensions”