Pallet Wood Tiny House

This tiny house is made of a lot of wood pallet and other recycled and self-milled materials. It is a 14 foot long tiny house that cost $1200 to build.


  • Mostly materials were recycled, reused, salvaged, reclaimed and self-milled materials
  • Cost: $1200 including the trailer
  • Lots of shelves for storage
  • Compost toilet
  • Small stainless sink with butcher block countertop
  • Bedroom loft with futon
  • Hardwood planks flooring
  • Self-built windows

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Luxury Tiny House Built By Tiny House Chattanooga

This is a relatively large tiny house. It features a pair of fresh air exchanger, butcher block countertop and lots of storage.


  • Lots of Windows
  • Sliding barn door to access bathroom
  • Shower stall with Tiger Woods’ shower wall and Galvalume backer
  • Nature’s head compost toilet and Ikea bathroom vanity in the bathroom
  • Bath fan
  • Three-Quarter fridge
  • Bedroom loft with lots of hanging storage and can hold a queen-size bed
  • Roof window in bedroom loft
  • Fresh air exchanger
  • Recessed LED lighting
  • Lots of storage
  • Propane stove
  • Sink with butcher block countertop
  • Open shelving in kitchen
  • Flip-up table
  • Split unit AC
  • Washer/Dryer combo hookup
  • Sitting room loft with skylight and large storage space underneath

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120 Sq Ft Tiny House Built By

The owner of this house talks about the advantages of tiny houses and why tiny house living is for him. This house was built by


  • 120 Sq Ft
  • Lots of shelf storage
  • Loft with full-size bed
  • Futon with storage underneath
  • Storage loft
  • Well-styled interior decor
  • Propane 2-burner Stove-top
  • Small Fridge
  • Portable foldable table
  • Black wood flooring
  • Stainless steel sink with granite countertop and lots of cabinetry
  • Compost toilet
  • Shower stall
  • Microwave
  • Flat-screen TV

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Park Model Tiny House With Good Storage Ideas

This tiny house is actually a park model. However, due to its square footage of living space, it still falls under the tiny house category. This house has a lot of the standard features expected in a tiny house with a good amount of storage ideas.


  • 12′ x 30′ trailer-mounted home
  • Mini split AC unit
  • 2 entry doors; one on each side of the house
  • Tongue and groove interior walls and ceiling
  • Cherry hardwood laminate flooring
  • Small bar area with slide-out bed
  • Good amount of shelf storage around the house
  • 2-basin stainless-steel kitchen sink with oak base cabinets and pine upper-wall cabinets
  • Granite L-shaped countertop
  • Microwave
  • Large toaster convection oven
  • 10 cubic-foot top mount fridge/freezer
  • Loft with flat-screen TV, full-size chair and mattress
  • Sliding door to access bathroom
  • Full-size 5′ long standard tub/shower combo
  • Full-size flush toilet
  • 2′-wide sink with bathroom vanity
  • Washer/dryer combo unit in bathroom
  • Lots of storage in bathroom

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20Ft Tiny House Shipping Container

This is a 20ft tiny house shipping container with special pods attached to its sides to increase the living space square footage. The owner of this tiny house also discusses the advantages of living in a tiny/small/portable houses.


  • Cost excluding labor: $20,000
  • Sealed spray foam insulated shipping container house
  • Alcove for resting/relaxing
  • Open space design gives a feeling of spaciousness
  • Kitchenette area with upper-wall cabinets
  • Varnished plywood ceiling with recessed LED lighting
  • Bedroom area with king-size mattress and space underneath
  • Shower stall in bathroom
  • Flush toilet with bathroom vanity in bathroom
  • Circular table with two seater

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