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Tiny House Camper Under $4000

This tiny house camper is a micro home is effective for hitting the road quickly and cheaply. Features Micro home Costs $3995 Stainmaster flooring 5000 BTU window AC unit Vinyl ceilings and walls Aluminum thread plate on the doors 2 windows on curb side 24″ wide door Flat screen TV Large couch

Tiny House Gypsy Wagon Under $1000

This tiny house gypsy wagon/vardo is a simple tiny house build that can be rented out in Seattle. Features Built on a 4′ x 5′ harbour freight trailer Stained glass windows Birch ply exterior Cedar porch Tarpaulin-covered bow roof

Tiny House with Drawers under Kitchen Appliances and a Foldable Porch

This amazing tiny house belongs to Jadon and Katie of goodandtiny.com. It has some cool features such as a foldable front porch and drawers underneath some kitchen appliances. They also share why they love the tiny house lifestyle and how it has helped them as a couple. Features 265 Sq Ft Front porch Full size …