1950’s Themed Retro Tiny House with Chandelier

This is a 50’s themed tiny house with a folding half loft, chandelier, 1950’s style fridge and 1950’s retro interior painting. This is a very well designed thematic tiny house.


  • Cedar exterior siding, board and plaster for exterior construction
  • Removable entrance door shed
  • Retro fridge
  • Double basin stainless steel sink with stainless steel backsplash
  • 20″ 4-burner gas stove with oven
  • 1950’s retro painted interior
  • Microwave oven
  • Flush toilet
  • Shower stall with galvalume sidings
  • Closet in bathroom
  • Electric tanked water heater in bathroom
  • Folding half loft
  • Versatile loft Steps
  • Futon underneath loft
  • 32″ Flat screen TV
  • Chandelier
  • Dining/coffee table for two
  • Recessed lighting

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Tiny House Video Tour: Tour of Beach-Themed Tiny House

This featured tiny house has a very bright interior with a lot of white painting and relatively light flooring. It also has a loft, accessed with a ship-styled ladder, with a full-size bed in it. Keeping with its beach-theme, it has mermaid door knobs and a decorative shell/sand design in the toilet sink.


  • Tiny kitchen with 2 burner stove and small sink
  • Mermaid handles on doors
  • Flush toilets
  • Front Porch
  • Storage space
  • 115v power / 30A plug
  • Full Sized Lascoat Shower Stall
  • Loft windows that give plenty of natural light
  • Full sized bedroom loft that can fit a KING bed
  • Futon/Sofa bed

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