7 Lovely Tiny Houses with Phenomenal Mid-Century Modern Furniture Ideas

These are 7 amazing tiny houses with mid-century furniture. All these tiny houses have been featured in Tiny Quality Homes previously.

1. Tiny House with Modern Rustic Look

This featured Tiny house has a mixture of both modern and rustic fixtures making it a good choice for people who like modern lifestyle but also miss the nostalgic feeling of a rustic living. In this tiny house, watch out for the subtle use of mid-century furniture.
tiny house
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Phenomenal Small Traditional Japanese Renovated House

This video tour looks at a small traditional Japanese house that was once used to cultivate silk worms but has now been transformed into a beautiful simple small house by the owner. The renovation majorly involves using original traditional Japanese materials that were bought at bargain/affordable prices.


  • Extractor Fan
  • Huge windows facing a garden
  • Wooden building frame
  • Hardwood kitchen countertop
  • Compact toilet and bathroom
  • Loft with Queen-size bed
  • Chimney
  • Butane cooker
  • Cedar barn door
  • Full size kitchen sink with pull down spray faucet
  • Refrigerator
  • 115v power / 30A RV plug
  • Laminate-wood floors are scratch-resistant and easy to clean
  • Stainless-Steel Kitchen Sink

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Video Tour: Phenomenal Country-Side Tiny house

This country-side tiny home was built by Mitchcraft Tiny Homes. This is a quite spacious tiny house. Spacious enough that it has a bedroom downstairs which is rare for tiny houses.


  • Full Water Heater And Appliances Fridge Stove Washer Dryer
  • Clear Coated Clear Hemlock Soffit
  • Spacious Living Area
  • Cozy Loft Sized For A Queen Size Bed
  • 32″ Fiberglass Shower
  • Gorgeous New Oak Flooring
  • Flush Wall Mounted Folding Pine Table
  • Bathroom Sink
  • 50a Rv Power Adaptable To 240v Residential Power
  • Range Hood With Under-Cabinet Light
  • 2 Propane Tanks
  • Large Kitchen With Whirlpool Appliances
  • 50 Amp Shore Power Outlet
  • Gabled Roof
  • Cubic Mini Pellet/Wood Stove
  • Large Stylish Wardrobe With Glass Doors
  • 2 Burner Electric Cooktop