8 Tiny Houses With Awesome Modern Kitchen Designs

These are tiny houses with great-looking modern kitchen designs. All the tiny houses below have been featured on Tiny Quality Homes.

1. Tiny House Vs Small House Vs Container House: Best of All Worlds

This house is a fantastic build. It is a combination of the 3 trendiest home downsizing movement in one home. This house looks like a container home but it is a small house with tiny house features. It also has a pretty amazing modern kitchen decor. Continue reading “8 Tiny Houses With Awesome Modern Kitchen Designs”

Tiny Modern Cottage House With Tiny Bathroom

This beautiful tiny modern cottage house is about 250 sq ft and has a porch with wood flooring, an outdoor deck, see-through aquarium shower stall, minimalist decor and minimalist fixtures.


  • Living space of about 250 Sq Ft
  • Cedar exterior
  • Small porch at entrance
  • Wood flooring
  • Mini split AC unit
  • Flat screen TV
  • Minimalist features
  • Large window
  • Skylight
  • Minimalist decor
  • Small sink with small butcher block countertop in kitchenette
  • Small fridge/freezer unit
  • Small microwave oven
  • See-through style aquarium shower stall
  • Regular flush toilet with small ceramic sink and storage in tiny bathroom
  • Outdoor cedar shower

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Ultra Modern Glass Home in Atlanta Georgia

This house is a 1200 Sq Ft house. Thus, it is not a tiny house but it is quite small for American standard. Its feature include lots of panes and an asymmetrical mosaic tile tub.


  • 1200 Sq Ft
  • Lots of salvaged/reclaimed material as part of interior design ideas
  • Lots of glass panes of various sizes
  • Asymmetrical mosaic tile tub

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Tiny House Canada: Tiny House with Modern Rustic Look

This featured Tiny house has a mixture of both modern and rustic fixtures making it a good choice for people who like modern lifestyle but also miss the nostalgic feeling of a rustic living.


  • 420 sq. ft.
  • LED Lighting
  • Cedar siding
  • L-shaped couch
  • Heating stove to keep house warm
  • Spilt unit AC
  • Kitchen cabinet with butcher block counter-top and Belfast sink
  • Wall shelves in kitchen
  • Stairs  to loft with storage underneath
  • Loft with queen-sized bed and recessed lighting
  • Bathroom with bathtub and sink with bathroom vanity
  • Hardwood flooring

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