118 Incredible DIY Wood Pallet Furniture Ideas and Projects

These DIY wood pallet ideas and projects are not only amazing but would keep you happily busy working on your recycled/reclaimed pallets. These ideas and projects include;

  • Pallet Playhouse
  • Coffee Table from Pallet
  • DIY Pallet Bookshelf
  • Pallet Wood Welcome Sign
  • Pallet Wood Chair
  • Kids Pallet Workbench
  • Pallet Chair
  • DIY Pallet Swing Bed
  • DIY Pallet Planter
  • Pallet Trunk
  • Mini Pallet Coasters
  • Pallet Bench
  • Pallet Dining Table
  • DIY Vertical Pallet Garden
  • Wood Pallet Sign Tutorial
  • Pallet Garden Bench
  • Pallet Nightstand
  • DIY Pallet Potting and Entry Way Table
  • DIY Pallet Sectional Bench
  • Pallet Bench Project
  • Pallet Herb Trough
  • DIY Pallet Greenhouse
  • Pallet Queen Size Bed
  • Pallet Bookshelf
  • Pallet Patio
  • Pallet Kitchen Cabinets
  • DIY Pallet Adirondack Chair
  • Pallet TV Stand
  • Pallet Art
  • Pallet Lounge Chair
  • Pallet Garden Bed
  • Pallet Gate
  • Pallet Signs
  • Pallet Shelves
  • DIY Pallet Kitchen Table
  • Pallet Flag
  • Pallet Hammock
  • Pallet American Flag
  • DIY Pallet Deck
  • Pallet Table Top
  • Pallet Table
  • Pallet Dining Table
  • Pallet Entertainment Center
  • DIY Pallet Shoe Rack
  • Pallet Cushions
  • Pallet Garden Wall
  • Pallet Garden
  • Pallet Sofa
  • Pallet Planter
  • DIY Pallet Garden Boxes
  • Pallet Shed
  • Pallet Garden Ideas
  • Pallet Artwork
  • DIY Pallet Playhouse
  • Pallet Lemonade Stand
  • Pallet Coffee Table
  • Pallet Garden Table
  • Pallet Chicken Coop
  • Pallet Pool
  • Pallet Couch
  • DIY Pallet Desk
  • Pallet Chair
  • Pallet Fence
  • Pallet Wood Wall
  • Pallet Bench
  • DIY Pallet Quote Signs
  • Pallet Quilt Rack
  • Pallet Bed
  • Pallet Garden Fence
  • Pallet Swing

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7 Incredible Tiny Houses that Optimizes Space and Energy Efficiency

This article highlights 7 incredible tiny houses that optimizes space and energy efficiency. All these houses have previously been featured on Tiny Quality Homes. It also includes links to the video tours where you can see further features of the tiny houses.

Eco-Friendly Aerodynamically-Designed THOW

This tiny house shows high level of consideration to its Eco-friendliness and aerodynamic design. It also has a lot of custom features from the sinks and bath tub to the woods used for its interior construction.
Tiny house
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