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36 Home Remedies For Heavy Menstrual Bleeding (Menorrhagia)

Heavy menstrual bleeding, medically known as menorrhagia, is typically characterized by prolonged or abnormally heavy periods. Common symptoms of heavy menstrual flow include; weakness, anemia, prolonged menses, lethargy, mood swing, severe cramps in the lower abdominal region, menstrual bleeding with large blood clots, fatigue, headache, and nausea. Causes of heavy menstrual bleeding include; uterine-related issues …

Tiny House Workshop that Accommodates Heavy Machinery and is Solar Powered

This tiny house workshop is capable of accommodating heavy woodwork machinery and it is also solar powered. Features Cedar shingles siding with corrugated zinc Big front doors with ramp to enable heavy machinery access to the tiny house workshop Most materials used for construction were reclaimed Transformer to turn up voltage to 220V