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Gypsy Wagon Camper With Storage For Food, Craft Goods and Clothing

This gypsy wagon has storage for food, craft goods and clothing. Its features include lots of storage ideas and 2 propane tanks to power stove and refrigerator. It also has a lot of storage ideas in its interior. Features Hand split cedar shingles with tongue and groove pine in exterior 12 Ft Long Cork floor …

Tiny House Gypsy Wagon Under $1000

This tiny house gypsy wagon/vardo is a simple tiny house build that can be rented out in Seattle. Features Built on a 4′ x 5′ harbour freight trailer Stained glass windows Birch ply exterior Cedar porch Tarpaulin-covered bow roof

Tiny House Gypsy Wagon Vardo With Antique Home Decor and Furniture

This tiny house gypsy vardo camper trailer has an antique decor and furniture setting. It also has bunk beds. Features Gypsy vardo is loaded on a trailer A lot of hand-on exterior detailing Double-pane vinyl windows 10 windows Full-size bunk both top and bottom Some of the windows are made with custom stained glass Antique …

Tiny House Tour: Tour of a Simple Gypsy Tiny House Wagon

This featured tiny house is a Gypsy tiny house wagon. It has very simple and limited features. Features Microwave Fridge/Freezer Elevated bedding with another bed underneath Limited storage space Kitchen is accessed from outside the wagon Cedar trim Multiple cabinets and drawers Copper colored roof Painted tongue and groove pine walls