Simple Rustic Tiny House Cabins On Stilts In Canada

These treehouse-style tiny cabins come in two variations; the summer cabin and the all-season cabin. Both are built on stilts.

The summer cabin has a unique bubble-shaped skylight directly above the bed.

The summer cabin has a good-looking simple rustic decor to it. There is also a huge balcony outside the summer cabin with a fantastic view of the forest. This balcony also has an outdoor kitchen and dining area.

There is also a load transfer pulley system to help get materials to the top of the summer cabin.

The composting toilet and shower is located at the bottom of the stairs of the summer cabin.

The all-season cabin can be used all year round even in the winter. It features a bedroom loft. In this cabin, the kitchen, living room and hangout area are all indoors. Also, the composting toilet and shower are also indoors.

Both the summer cabin and the all-season cabin have a solar panel and a propane heater for their energy needs. However, this does not mean these cabins are completely off-grid.

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