Tiny House with Drawers under Kitchen Appliances and a Foldable Porch

This amazing tiny house belongs to Jadon and Katie of goodandtiny.com. It has some cool features such as a foldable front porch and drawers underneath some kitchen appliances. They also share why they love the tiny house lifestyle and how it has helped them as a couple. Features 265 Sq Ft Front porch Full size …

Tiny House Workshop that Accommodates Heavy Machinery and is Solar Powered

This tiny house workshop is capable of accommodating heavy woodwork machinery and it is also solar powered. Features Cedar shingles siding with corrugated zinc Big front doors with ramp to enable heavy machinery access to the tiny house workshop Most materials used for construction were reclaimed Transformer to turn up voltage to 220V

AirBnB Tour of Tiny House/Studio in Sydney Australia

This is an AirBnB tour of a tiny house in Sydney, Australia. One of its unique features is that it has its bathroom shower installed in the kitchen! Features White interior painting Fridge/freezer unit Washing machine Air conditioning unit Shower stall in kitchen Wall cabinet Large kitchen cabinet with deep stainless steel sink and white …

Family of Three Living in a 400 Sq Ft Tiny House Cottage

This tiny house cottage has been the residence of a family of three. They share the good, and not so good, of living tiny country-style. Features 400 sq ft Front deck King-size bed Double basin sink with single lever faucet Flat Screen TV Gas range cooker Fridge/freezer unit Gun safe: safe storage for guns Closet/office …

Tour of Tiny House in Melbourne Australia

This tiny house is a simple one that has the major amenities needed in a tiny house except a toilet. Features Weighs 960kg Cedar and corrugated siding Outdoor shower LED Lighting Loft with double bed Sitting area that can double as a bed Foldable table