Tiny House Cabin That Costs $8000

This tiny house cabin cost $8000 to build. It is powered by a small sola panel/lithium battery kit. It is a riverfront cabin. Features Bunk bed Ceiling fans Solar panel/Lithium battery energy kit Dining table for two Loft for sleeping or storage Flush toilet Fire extinguisher Small window unit AC Rechargeable fans Microwave oven Dorm-size …

Tiny House Camper Under $4000

This tiny house camper is a micro home is effective for hitting the road quickly and cheaply. Features Micro home Costs $3995 Stainmaster flooring 5000 BTU window AC unit Vinyl ceilings and walls Aluminum thread plate on the doors 2 windows on curb side 24″ wide door Flat screen TV Large couch

Tiny House With Tansu And Vardo-Style Interior Decor

This tiny house has a Japanese storage chest (Tansu) and is inspired by gypsy vardo-style interior decor. It has a living space of 100.3 square feet. This tiny house also features a skylight. Features 100.3 Sq Ft of living space Foldable cedar porch Tansu (Japanese storage chest) Vardo-Style interior decor Chest freezer Copper sink with …

Free Tiny House Floor Plans: Tiny House Plan For Family of 4

This is one of our free tiny house floor plans. It is a tiny house plan for a family of 4. It also has additional features, to make your tiny house more robust, listed below. You can also check out our list of free tiny house plans here to see our other free plans.

Double Loft Tiny House Made From High Quality Materials

This tiny house has 2 lofts and is made from premium materials. Its features include a 2-seater dining table and bathroom vanity. Features 280 Sq Ft of living space Full shower Washer/dryer combo with storage above it Bathroom vanity Medicine cabinet Flush toilet Living room with large couch and large flat-screen TV Recessed LED lighting …