How To Start Your Own Blog In 2018

Starting a blog these days is really easy, so if you’re ready to get started … let’s get going!

First, let’s look at what you should think about before you start;

1. Blog name: Choose 1-4 words to represent your blog. Consider the questions below (blog topic, audience) and then think of some words that convey an image or emotion that you want people to think about. Some examples:,, These convey a certain image to people who hear it. Don’t worry about getting this perfect…just try to make it memorable.

2. Blog topic: What are you going to blog about? Think about what you’re passionate about, and/or what you’ve learned. What problems can you solve for people? THIS IS KEY.

3. Audience: Who are you writing for? Who will be interested in what you have to offer? What problems do they have? If they’re beginners, they’ll have lots of problems, like finding motivation and getting started and being confused about basic things. If they’re advanced, they’ll have a different set of problems. Consider these before you start blogging — but don’t worry, you can learn more about your audience and their problems as you blog.

OK, armed with those thoughts, let’s start setting things up.

Setting Up Your Blog;

4. Go to to get a really cheap webhosting account. This account gives you everything you need to have your blog online including the most powerful blogging platform which is called WordPress. It’ll only take a few minutes. Create an account, give your blog a name, choose a couple other settings, and you’re set.

5. Try writing a first post, to say hello and who you are. Make it short, and have fun.

That’s it! It’s super easy, so do it now.

Here is a video tutorial that guides you through the whole process;