24 Health Benefits Of Basil Tea

Basil tea is a popular herbal tea that is brewed from the dried leaves of basil plant (Ocimum basilicum). Basil tea should not be confused with Holy Basil tea that is brewed from tulsi (holy basil) plant.

Basil tea has been consumed for hundreds of years especially in Asia and India. It has also been consumed in Europe, North America, and the Mediterranean regions for a long time.

They are various subspecies of the basil plant but the most common is the sweet basil. Due to basil tea’s rich nutrient and antioxidant properties, it is often taken for its myriad health benefits.

Below are various health benefits of basil tea;

1. Control Acidity In The Body

Drinking a cup of basil tea daily would aid in maintaining an optimal pH level in your body. Optimal pH levels ensure proper functioning of numerous hormones and enzymes in the body. In addition to this, a healthy immune system is maintained. This is due to the fact that the body’s microbial flora would effectively thrive in an optimal pH level.

2. Improves Libido

Sexual health is a major concern for a lot of people. Poor sexual health can cause insecurities amongst people in relationships. Why is this? When you don’t satisfy your partner, he/she begins to look elsewhere for a person to fulfill his/her desires. This can be very frustrating. More so, it can lead to breakups. Drinking a cup of basil tea could make a change to the story. Additionally, the sweet smell of basil tea works effectively too. Furthermore, the oil in basil is responsible for improved blood flow in the body.

3. Strengthening Of Bones

Basil is composed of numerous nutrients. One of the vitamins is vitamin K. Vitamin K aids the body absorb calcium. This ensures that your bones remain strong and healthy for quite some years. Taking a cup of basil tea every day would ensure strong bones.

4.Improves Vision

Basil tea is one of a kind. Its unique combination of therapeutic components makes it the ideal choice for everyone. It contains a high amount of vitamin A which ensures the lens and eye muscle are in their optimal condition.

5. Minimizes Antibiotic Resistance In The Body

Many people happen not to follow the instructions administered to them by their doctors. They do not complete the dose of antibiotics prescribed to them. This is a bad misuse of antibiotics. This often causes the body to resist antibiotics that may be administered to them later on. Basil has antibacterial properties which can restrain pathogenic bacteria growth thus lessening the antibiotic resistance.

6. Treatment Of Headaches

Headache is a continuous pain in the head that causes a lot of discomfort. Basil contains a compound known as eugenol that suppresses the Cox-2 enzyme that causes pain. Furthermore, the aroma from the tea is the secret to a relaxed head. All you have to do is let the steam reach your face for a few minutes until you’re relaxed. This method works perfectly especially if its a tension headache.

7. Improves Liver Functioning

The liver is quite paramount in the human body. It synthesizes proteins that are very important in blood clotting. It also breaks down old and damaged blood cells. Furthermore, the liver breaks down fats and produce energy. Drinking a cup of basil tea daily would tremendously improve the detoxification of the liver. This positively improves liver functioning. It also lessens the accumulation of fats which can cause fatty liver disease.

8. Prevents Cancer

Cancer is a major problem in our modern-day world. Nobody would ever dare imagine himself/herself having this deadly disease. It could lead to premature and painful death. In some instances, you cough blood, lose hair on your head or even have chronic pain in your bones. Basil contains a myriad of antioxidant components that have a great impact inhibiting harmful free radicals. These radicals are the main factors that cause damage to the DNA which could lead to carcinogenesis.

9. Calming The Stomach

Our stomach, at times, could feel nauseated and this could cause us serious stomach upset or vomiting. This is quite an uncomfortable feeling to many. Basil is an effective solution for such complications. By taking basil tea, the gastric acid level in the body is minimized.

10. Reduces Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress is a condition in the body where there is an imbalance in the level of harmful free radicals and beneficial antioxidants. Antioxidants are basically the agents that inhibit these harmful free radicals. Basil is a well-known adaptogen. Adaptogens play a major role in the reduction of oxidative stress.

11. For Diabetes

Basil is known to lower blood sugar levels to its optimal state. It’s advisable for diabetic patients to take basil tea to maintain their blood sugar level.

12. Prevents Diarrhea

Basil has phytochemical components that inhibit infections from Staphylococcus aureus which is the major cause of diarrhea. Basil tea both prevents and cures diarrhea.

13. Protects Against Cough And Cold

Drinking basil tea prevents you from suffering from Influenza Virus infection. It has anti-viral effects. Nevertheless, it does not only get rid of influenza virus but also reduces symptoms such as cold, running nose and cough.

14. Helps Maintain A Healthy Skin

Drinking basil tea would help get rid of harmful free radical effect on your skin as well as keep your skin well-hydrated.

15. Improves Digestion

Basil contains fiber. Taking a cup of basil tea would, thus, improve the smooth movement of masticated food through your digestive system.

16. Alleviates Depression

Basil tea contains magnesium which is important in nerve functioning and provides a calming effect.

17. Helps In Control Of Arthritis

Despite the fact that arthritis has no cure, basil will aid in lessening inflammation due to arthritis.

18. Maintains Strong Teeth

Bacteria growing in your mouth is bad as it could contribute to cavities and bad breath. Mixing basil with coconut oil makes a paste that can be used as a natural toothpaste. The mixture contains antibacterial compounds that kill bacteria.

19. Supports Respiratory Health

Drinking basil tea helps improve your respiratory health. It’s able to thin mucus in the lungs and sinuses. It is also able to gradually reverse damages caused to the lungs due to smoking and tuberculosis.

20. Helps In Treatment Of Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are small, hard deposits that form in the kidney. It’s very painful especially when one is urinating. The compound known as acetic acid in basil tea aids in the treatment of this disease. It lessens the levels of uric acid in the body. Moreover, it helps ensure the cleanliness of the kidneys. Works best when combined with honey.

21. Analgesic Properties

Basil is widely known as a natural painkiller. It gradually relieves disturbances and swellings associated with wounds and illness. Additionally, basil aids in the prevention of injury infections.

22. Prevents Scurvy

Drinking basil quite often is good for your health. It contains vitamin C which helps prevent scurvy.

23. Aids In Blood Formation

Basil contains copper nutrients. Copper is very important as it aids in the conversion of iron to its useable iron (III) (ferric) form and also helps transport iron around the body. In addition, it enables the body to form red blood cells. Inadequate copper in the body could lead to anemia and tissue iron overload.

24. Boosts The Immune System

Basil tea has antiviral and antimicrobial properties which help inhibit infections and also boost the functioning of one’s immune system.

Side Effects

  • As basil tea can thin the blood, it is not recommended to be consumed before a surgical procedure.
  • Pregnant women should avoid taking basil tea as it can affect hormonal levels.
  • An allergic response to basil is possible as it could cause upset stomach or inflammation.