Gypsy Wagon Camper With Storage For Food, Craft Goods and Clothing

This gypsy wagon has storage for food, craft goods and clothing. Its features include lots of storage ideas and 2 propane tanks to power stove and refrigerator. It also has a lot of storage ideas in its interior.


  • Hand split cedar shingles with tongue and groove pine in exterior
  • 12 Ft Long
  • Cork floor
  • Dutch door at entrance
  • Camping trailer
  • 2 propane tanks to power stove and refrigerator
  • Deep cycle battery
  • 35 gallon water tank
  • Storage for food, craft goods and clothing
  • 12 Volt Sureflow pump
  • 2 Lotus flower stained glass windows
  • Lots of storage ideas
  • Leather upholstery
  • Pull-out table
  • Brass sink and faucet
  • Hand pounded copper as backsplash in kitchen


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