15 Benefits Of Dulse Seaweed

Dulse (Palmaria palmata) is an alga with a thick leathery texture, broad reddish leaves/fronds, and short stem/stipe. It is a nutrient-rich type of alga that has served as a source of food in numerous countries.

Dulse seaweed is readily available in various oceans and, sometimes, could be picked from a shoreline. It can then be dried, chopped, fried, or ground for both culinary or medicinal purposes.

Dulse is often used as a flavoring herb in soups and salads.

Below are various health benefits of dulse seaweed;

1. Rich In Nutrients

If you are looking for a nutritionally rich sea vegetable, you are reading the right stuff. Dulse is richly endowed with highly nutritious elements. Furthermore, it has no fats or cholesterol which are hazardous to your body. On the contrary, it is one of the best source of healthy carbohydrates and fiber for your body. From research, it has been found that minerals such as calcium, potassium, copper, iron, zinc, and magnesium are present in dulse seaweed in large quantities. Besides its high potassium concentrations (34 times more than that in a banana), Dulse has also been found to contain vitamins A, B-6, B-12, C and E.

2. Rich In Antioxidants

Among the many health benefits of this plant are its rich mineral and vitamin content that provides antioxidant support. These anti-oxidative properties are due to the presence of plenty of polyphenols in dulse. These properties offer strong support against the harmful effects of free radicals. A research conducted on a variety of green and red seaweeds (as published in the Journal of Food Chemistry and Toxicology) shows that dulse takes the lead in terms of the polyphenolic contents in them. These potent antioxidant benefits of this plant have made it an important component in the production of anti-carcinogenic drugs hence enhancing the fight against cancer.

3. Effective For A Beautiful Skin

Another amazing benefit of dulse is the fact that it can make your skin look more beautiful and younger too. Wondering how this is possible? Allow me to help you out; if you grind dulse seaweed and apply the powder on your skin, you will naturally obtain a healthy and beautiful skin. Furthermore, when regularly consumed, it greatly helps in removing skin impurities and skin disorders. Due to the detoxification ability of this seaweed, it aids the liver to perform its functions much better. Thus, enabling the liver to perform better. The high presence of polysaccharides in dulse helps in providing a well-nourished soft supple and tight skin. Furthermore, dulse is commonly used as an ingredient for most cosmetic products because its nutrients can be easily absorbed by the skin.

4. Treatment For Hair Loss

Loss of hair is very common in both men and women and is always a source of concern that makes most people do anything to treat hair loss. Well, dulse has proven to be an effective solution for this. Research, particularly on dulse, has proven that the rich mineral content in this sea algae has helped in a big way to deal with this problem. These minerals include iron, zinc, manganese together with vitamins such as B-6, B-12, A, C, and E. These vitamins help in producing sebum that naturally acts as a hair conditioner while the minerals, in turn, promotes hair growth. Dulse also has omega-3 fatty acids that aid in hair nourishment thus enhancing hair growth.

5. Assists In Digestion

A diet full of dulse seaweeds would provide your body with dietary fiber that bulks up stool thus preventing constipation and also helps in stimulating the peristaltic motions along the gut. This would completely do away with problems like diarrhea together with preventing cramps and bloating which could lead to inflammation. Therefore, regular consumption of dulse-rich meals would greatly assist in the digestion process in your body.

6. Helps Improve Blood Circulation

As we mentioned earlier, among the minerals present in dulse, iron is one of them. Iron helps to produce hemoglobin in red blood cells which are involved in carrying oxygen in the blood. A deficiency of iron in the body could lead to anemia. You don’t want to suffer from this am sure. Including dulse seaweed in your diet would help improve blood production and circulation.

7. Good For Eye Care

Any Eye specialist will tell you that Vitamin A is an effective remedy constituent for numerous vision problems. Dulse is rich in vitamin A and thus can treat night blindness and general poor vision. In addition to this, dulse’s antioxidant constituents prevent harmful free radicals from the degenerating eye tissues. Vitamin A also helps in slowing down the development of eye cataracts and it generally boosts good vision.

8. Immune System Booster

Needless to say, our immune health is key in preventing numerous ailments such as cold and flu. An easy way to boost your immune system would be including a diet rich in vitamin C in your meals would aptly serve this purpose. Significantly high levels of this vitamin C is found in dulse and eating it regularly would surprisingly boost your immune system.

9. Efficient Weight Loss Strategy

Thinking of what to include in your weight loss diet? Dulse should be the must-go-for ingredient. This is why; dulse has very low-calorie content, very little fats, and cholesterol as well as being rich in fiber. The high fiber in this plant makes you stay full for long hours thus it has a high probability of cutting down your appetite for high-calorie junk foods that are an enemy to anyone who wants to keep their weight in check.

10. Reduces Blood Pressure

Dulse is rich in potassium which plays a vital role in reducing the blood pressure. Also known as a vasodilator, potassium is able to widen the blood-carrying arteries and veins thus lowering the blood pressure. It is the electrolyte that is responsible for transmitting impulses between the heart and the rest of the body. Potassium also keeps the pulse rate in check.

11. Good For Healthy Bones

Iron, calcium, and magnesium are among the rich constituents of this sea alga. These minerals provide the needed bone mineral density for healthy and strong bones. They also act as a shield against developing the dreaded osteoporosis. Furthermore, dulse provides tissue and joint protection especially as one gets older.

12. Improves Thyroid Gland Health

According to a study, consuming the right amount of dulse provides you with a sufficient amount of iodine that helps the thyroid gland to function normally. The ability to control the various hormonal interactions in the body is aided by an adequate presence of iodine in your body. The lack of iodine negatively affects a person’s quality of life in general.

13. A Rich Protein Source

Perhaps you are a vegetarian and have been trying to get protein-rich vegetables with no avail. I would strongly advise you try dulse seaweeds. This plant’s rich protein content would provide you the much needed daily protein requirements.

14. Glutamic Acid Present In Dulse

Wondering what this is? It’s one of the many amino acids present in dulse mostly used in digesting the flavor enhancer MSG (Monosodium Glutamate). With this amino acid present, every dulse-served meal has a tasteful flavor without any side effect. Glutamic acid is also known to improve the performance of the nervous system.

15. Dulse Is An Energy Level Booster

Dulse, as research has shown, is a rich source of energy. Besides the immense presence of the various minerals and vitamins in dulse, dulse has the health benefit of reducing general body fatigue, memory loss and prevents nerve damage. This really makes dulse a necessary addition to your everyday meal.

Word Of Caution
As dulse seaweed is rich in iodine, ingesting too much of it could disrupt the proper functioning of your thyroid gland. As such, exercise moderation while consuming dulse. Furthermore, consult your doctor or dietician if you are undergoing any major dietary changes.