35 Benefits And Uses Of Arnica Oil

Arnica oil is extracted through the steam distillation of the perennial flowering plant called arnica. Arnica is native to Europe but can also be widely found in the USA.

The most common species of arnica used for the production of arnica oil is Arnica Montana.

Arnica oil’s active constituents include;  palmitic acid, linoleic acid, myristic acid, and oleic acid, as well as thymohydroquinone, and thymol.

Below are several health benefits and uses of arnica oil;

1. Helps In Healing Bruises

Bruises refer to discolored skin that may occur due to injuries. Arnica oil has excellent healing properties and could easily treat bruises in a natural and quick manner. Arnica consists of compounds, such as caffeine derivatives, that are known for their good anti-bruising properties. Diluted arnica oil should be applied topically twice a day to get the best results. Just make sure that open wound is not on skin bruise area as it should not be applied on open wounds. Studies have found arnica oil to be far more effective in the treatment of bruises in comparison to low-level vitamin K concentration.

2. Helps In Reduction Of Inflammation

Arnica Oil is highly popular due to its potent anti-inflammatory properties. These properties include helenalin that is a sesquiterpene lactone and good quantities of thymol derivatives. Therefore, it is best for reducing inflammation conditions and provides relief. It is recommended to be taken in diluted form to provide optimum protection against infections and provide relief from pain as well as swelling.

3. Treatment Of Eczema And Other Skin Problems

Arnica oil is a potent solution to eczema as well as its symptoms such as itchiness. In order to get rid of eczema, arnica oil could be applied topically. Several skin infections could be readily treated by using this product. Arnica oil is widely used in different skin treatment lotions. Even vaginal irritation and vaginitis could be effectively treated with arnica oil.

4. Helps In Treatment Of Osteoarthritis

Arnica Oil has been found to be a natural medication and an effective product in the treatment of osteoarthritis. This has been proven by researchers in a number of published studies. Arnica has been found to be as effective as ibuprofen. It is also effective for someone suffering from osteoarthritic problems in the knee region.

5. Treatment Of Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a medical condition that occurs due to the compression of the median nerves. To get rid of this syndrome, patients mostly undergo surgery. Arnica oil is a treatment for symptoms of carpal tunnel. Arnica could treat carpal tunnel in a natural manner and in some cases it helps to avoid surgery on part of the patient. Patients who have already undergone surgery can also use arnica oil because it is an effective post-surgery pain reliever as well. Thus, arnica is considered to be an effective choice for carpal tunnel syndrome patients. Arnica provides patients with the ability to maintain their normal daily lifestyle free from pain due to its awesome healing properties. Arnica oil is also effective in relieving pain after carpal-tunnel release surgery.

6. Helps In Getting Relief From Arthritis

Old age is an unavoidable truth. As one gets older, the tendency to have arthritis increases; this could lead to serious joint pain. Arnica oil is an excellent solution for this type of pain. By applying Arnica to the aching joints an elderly individual could move quite easily. He also gets gradual relief to endure such pain.

7. Effective Healer Of Muscle Soreness

Muscle soreness might occur to an individual if he has not performed his routine exercises. This may lead to pain while carrying out your daily chores and an individual might have to endure such pain for a few days. The individual might relieve this pain quickly and effectively by applying arnica oil.

8. Analgesic Properties

Arnica has potent analgesic properties. That means that when you apply it on the painful area, it would relieve the pain. It is a unique thing about arnica and makes it stand out from other anti-inflammatory medicines that mainly deal with the inflammation of the condition.

9. Helps In Hair Growth And Stops Hair Loss

Arnica Oil is a potent remedy for hair loss prevention. It is rich in nutrients that provide nourishment to hair and makes hair healthy. Men suffering from baldness and women suffering from hair loss problems should give it a try. Arnica oil has proven to be effective for natural hair care. Many bald people have reported reduced hair loss simply by applying arnica oil. Different shampoo and conditioners brand available in the market contain arnica oil. Arnica and its extracts promote healthy hair growth.

10. Helps In Getting Relief From Headache

Since arnica oil has excellent analgesic properties, it could be applied on the head or around the neck by people to get relief from headache.

11. Treatment Of Internal Bleeding Problem

Internal Bleeding is a condition of broken blood vessel without any leakage of blood due to the absence of an open wound. This could be a painful condition for many and requires immediate medical attention. In such situations, one could apply arnica oil on the injured part. Due to its anti-inflammatory healing properties, it helps in getting relief from pain due to broken blood vessels.

12. Excellent For Acne

Arnica Oil has anti-bacterial properties that make it effective against Acne. Bacteria are the main cause of acne and inflammation only worsens this problem. Arnica oil would provide relief from both bacteria and would also inhibit inflammation or any type of red puffiness in the skin quite effectively. Acne scars would show significant reduction and might disappear altogether. Before applying on the acne area, arnica should be diluted first using avocado oil, coconut oil or almond oil. For dilution purpose, one drop of arnica oil should be mixed with two or three drops of the other carrier oil. This process would dilute the irritating effects of the complete product. However, do not apply this product to acne-related wounds.

13. Natural Moisturizer To Overcome Dry Skin Problems

Are you suffering from cracked skin? Then you should definitely use arnica oil. Arnica oil is an excellent stimulant of collagen production. Collagen is excellent for skin elasticity. It is considered to be a natural moisturizer. With the use of arnica oil, one could get rid of premature aging problem.

14. Increases Strength Of Immune System

We all know the importance of white blood cells. It is considered to be the first defense of the immune system of our body. The more count we have, the more we have the ability to fight bacteria and disease-causing agents. Thus, in a nutshell, we could say that the more white blood cells we have in our system, the more healthy we are. Studies have proven arnica oil to be an excellent product for the production of white blood cells. Thus we should use arnica oil for gaining immune system strength.

15. Acts As Natural Remedy To Rashes

Rashes cause a lot of annoyance because they are very itchy by nature. They could make you quite uncomfortable and could create a lot of problems especially if the rashes occur in exposed body areas. You could just imagine the pain one has to go through to get rid of such rashes. In such cases, using arnica oil is an effective bet. The reason is that it is a natural remedy and could easily get rid of annoying rashes in a relatively quick time.

16. For Frost Bites

Arnica Oil is a good ointment that could be applied to treat frostbites. Frostbites do not have open wounds. On applying it, one may expect quick relief from such bites due to arnica’s healing properties.

17. For Treating Dandruff

Arnica oil provides hair care by combating dandruff issues. Arnica oil provides a natural sheen to the hair by helping the scalp regulate excessive oil. So if you want to reduce rough and tangled hair why not give arnica oil a try. It is quite an effective product to fight dandruff and hair itchiness.h

18. Helps In Treating Premature Hair Greying

Arnica oil is an excellent and effective antibiotic product. It provides good hair nourishment and strength to hair strands. Just apply arnica oil on the scalp from the roots to the tips and wash it the next morning. You would definitely notice a lot of change. By regularly applying arnica oil you would get rid of premature hair graying issues.

19. Helps In Treating Stretch Marks

Stretch marks related to pregnancy could be drastically reduced by applying arnica oil on the affected skin 3 or 4 times a day. It should be applied in a gentle manner for best results. Arnica oil has been proven to be beneficial and useful in treating such marks.

20. To Treat Black Eyes Or Dark Spots Under Eye Circles

If someone is suffering from black eyes, one could apply topical arnica oil extract. One would see a drastic reduction of blackness and significant improvement in a relatively quick time. Arnica oil has rich nutrients to treat such conditions. To heal age spots or dark spots, one should dilute arnica oil with a carrier oil such as olive oil or coconut oil. Then it should be applied to the skin two or three times daily. During each process, massage should be done in a circular motion for two minutes. This would surely provide the best results to the individual in a relatively short time.

21. To Alleviate Stress

Emotional stress and depression are becoming grave by each passing day. Arnica oil could be used in such cases. It is considered to be beneficial to alleviate emotional stress and depression feelings. In order to provide a sense of tranquility and restore emotional balance, arnica finds regular use in the form of healing sachets. Arnica oil could also be used for massaging as it provides warmth and relaxes tight muscles thus alleviating stress.

22. To Treat Post-Surgery Pain And Swelling

According to research, a homeopathic dilution of arnica and topical application of arnica oil ointment causes a slight reduction in swelling, pain and bruising after surgery in patients who undergo arthroscopy. It is mostly recommended by either cosmetic or plastic surgeons. One should always consult a doctor before using arnica oil treatment before and after surgery.

23. Provides Relief For Muscle Tear And Other Muscle Pain

Arnica oil is considered to be a potent pain reliever. It is widely used to treat sports-related injuries and several other inflammatory injuries. It relieves a sports person from muscular pain and thus enhances athletic performance. According to a study, published in the European Journal of Sports Science, athletes using arnica oil experienced drastic muscle pain reduction after 72 hours of intense exercise.

24. Helps In Facilitation Of Blood Flow

Arnica oil consists of thymol that acts as an effective vasodilator in blood capillaries and improves blood flow. With improved blood transport, one’s healing process becomes fast. In addition to this, Arnica oil also spreads fluids and blood clots that may be trapped in joints, bruises, and muscles. It causes stimulation in the flow of white blood cells that has a healing effect in the body.

25. For Sea Sickness

Arnica oil is beneficial and useful for combating seasickness, travel sickness and nausea. It is consumed in homeopathic form for this purpose. It must be used in tablet form as it has very low dosage and thus is considered fit to be consumed.

26. Arnica Oil Could Serve As A Natural First Aid Component And Used For Treatment Of Vertigo

Arnica oil is considered to be an excellent and natural first aid component because it consists of helenalin that acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory compound. In case of pain or swelling, arnica might be used with great effectiveness. It can work well in either curing completely or reducing the pain. An individual can massage the painful or swollen area with arnica oil gently for a few minutes. If the pain persists, the massaging process could be repeated. Arnica oil is also used for the treatment of vertigo due to its wonderful medicinal, therapeutic and healing properties

27. Helps In Getting Relief From Stiffness

Stiffness caused due to long-distance driving and flying could easily be treated via application of arnica oil. Arnica oil has good healing properties and would provide relaxation to one’s stiff body or muscles. One should apply arnica oil and massage the stiff area for a few minutes. The wonderful soothing effect on the stiff portion would make the person feel good in a short period of time and would relieve him/her of the tension and pain.

28. Helps In Reduction Of Cavities, Tooth Pain And Gum Disease

Arnica oil is widely used in homeopathic medicines for the treatment of tooth pain, sore throats and different health issues related to the mouth. Arnica has antibiotic and anti-microbial properties that help in warding off cavities, gum diseases, and tooth decay problems. Arnica should be used once or twice daily to get the best results.

29. Helps In Treatment Of Rheumatism

Arnica oil has excellent swelling and pain relieving properties that make it ideal to treat rheumatism which is another form of arthritis. For this remedy, one could massage diluted arnica oil on the affected part. It should be used in combination with other essential oils, for example wintergreen oil, to get effective results. This remedy would reduce or relieve swelling and pain.

30. For Skin Nourishment

Arnica oil consists of skin beneficial properties and compounds such as lactones, coumarins, carbonic acid and flavonoids that help in relieving as well as soothing the skin. It is a beneficial product in treating different types of skin disorders. Furthermore, the presence of the restorative compound, Helenalin, in combination with flavonoids in arnica oil helps in the renewal of the skin.

31. Accelerates Skin Healing Process

Arnica oil not only treats skin disorders it also accelerates the healing process by forming granular tissues. Thus problems such as minor burns and superficial phlebitis are healed quickly.

32. Helps In Treatment Of Insect Bites

Arnica oil is a powerful healing product for insect bites. Its powerful effect can be seen even more in case the bite has caused soreness, bruising or inflammation. Use it with other oils preferably peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil for creating a healing salve. Then apply it in small quantities on the bite region after every few hours. You could also apply it in case of recurring pain and itchiness.

33. In Footbaths To Heal Sore And Aching Feet

The wonderful benefits and use of arnica oil could be seen when it is used in a footbath. Just mix a small quantity of this oil with hot water. After that, just soak your feet in the water. Along with producing amazing aroma, arnica oil would relieve the pain and soothe the feet in no time

34. Arnica Oil Used In Beauty Treatment

Arnica oil is widely used in beauty treatment along with its cream and ointment derivatives. It has several skin-toning and enhancing properties that make it an effective choice for such treatment. As such, arnica oil is widely used in several beauty and cosmetic products and perfumes.

35. Treatment Of Chilblains

During the winter season, some people may develop Chilblains that produces blue or red color on the skin. On touching the affected area, one feels acute pain. Chilblains could affect ears, face, nose, and knee. In such a case, the use of arnica oil could provide significant relief because it is a natural remedy and treatment.