7 Common Foods You Should Never Eat

These seven foods should be avoided or be taken infrequently. They cause numerous health issues from stomach ache to obesity.

1. White Rice: Especially Leftover White Rice. Leftover Rice Gets Infected By A Bacteria Called Bacillus Cereus Especially When The Rice Is Leftover At Room Temperature. These Bacteria Spreads Toxins On The Rice That Could Lead To Food Poisoning When The Rice Is Eaten.


2. Tea And Coffee Especially When Consumed On An Empty Stomach. Taking Tea Or Coffee In An Empty Stomach Could Lead To Hyperacidity, Constipation, Indigestion And Dull Skin.


3. Soda And Soft Drinks. Soda And Soft Drinks Contain High Amount Of Sugar And Harmful Chemicals. Excess Consumption Of Soft Drinks Lead To Obesity. Also, A Study Has Found That People Who Consume A Lot Of Soda Look Older Than Their Current Age.


4. Overly Spiced/Oiled Pickles. Most Of The Overly Spiced Pickles Are Made Of A Lot Of Oil, Spices, And Vinegar. As Such, These Pickles Have High Sodium Levels Which Increase Our Cholesterol Levels And Blood Pressure. People That Eat A Lot Of Pickles Often Have Cold, Skin-Related Ailments, Throat Pain And Cyst.


5. Soybean Oil Because Of Its Phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens Alter Hormonal Levels In Both Males And Females. These Could Lead To Issues With Our Thyroid Stimulus.


6. Overly Salted/Spiced/Oily Pop Corn. Ready-To-Eat Popcorn Contains A Huge Amount Of Salt, Sugar, Oil And Artificial Colors Which Increase Fat In The Body And Could Lead To Heart-Related Problems And Diseases.


7. Artificial Colors: Artificial Colors Are Bad For Our Body. For Example, Blue Dye Is Harmful To Our Brain While Green Dye Is Harmful To Our Bladder, The Red Dye Is Harmful To Our Blood And Also Alters The Proper Functioning Of The Thyroid Gland, The Yellow Dye Increase The Chances Of You To Get Asthma And Also Affects Our Sense Of Smell.


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