12 Awesome Foods To Cleanse The Lungs Naturally

These are 12 really great foods that help in naturally cleansing your lungs. Many people smoke cigarettes or are susceptible to secondary smoking. This can introduce toxins to the lungs, blacken them and make one prone to various diseases of the lungs.

These rich natural foods, below, can help trigger the natural healing process of the lungs.

Mixed Berries

Their rich oxidants will kick-start the lung’s healing process.


Apples have been shown to prevent many lung diseases.


The alicin compound, found in garlic, will reduce inflammation, ease asthma and coughing.


Rich in vitamins and minerals that are good for the lungs.


Needed for a healthy and hydrated lungs.

Chili peppers

Contains spicy Capsaicin compounds which stimulate blood flow and fight infections.


Removes toxins from the entire body including the lungs.


Reduces the risk of lung cancer and is a good source of vitamin E.


Cabbage’s anti-oxidants help boost the immunity of the lungs and the entire body.


Take this to alkalize your blood.


Rich in vitamins.

Milk Thistle

Silibinin, in milk thistle, helps prevent lung cancer.

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