Tiny House On Wheels Under 300 Sq Ft

This THOW was built with a lot of reclaimed and Salvaged materials. It is a 250 Sq Ft tiny house. It also uses the vertical space, within the house, efficiently.


  • 250 Sq Ft
  • Lots of reclaimed materials used
  • Bedroom on the goose-neck loft with closet and stairs
  • Ceiling made from reclaimed deck wood and corrugated metal
  • Projector screen used for triple function (as projector screen, as privacy screen, as insulator to trap cold air from AC)
  • Good use of vertical space
  • 8 Speaker surround sound system
  • Mini window unit AC
  • Modified 4-sinks with butcher block
  • Draft lines that come directly from the fridge
  • Industrial vent hood
  • 42′ x 36′ shower stall
  • Storage rack in bathroom
  • Nature’s head composting toilet

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Tiny House That Costs Under $500

This tiny house cost only $420 to build. It is a 6.25 meter square tiny house. Most of the materials used for the building of this tiny house were recycled materials including scavenged pieces from building sites and dumpsters. This tiny house has a small living space and a loft with a double bed in the loft.

This is the owner’s perfect retreat location were they are surrounded by vegetable plots out-looking a beautiful native vegetation.

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