12 Natural Home Remedies And Treatments For Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax is a natural substance that helps to lubricate the ear and protect the ear from microbial and other external agents. It has antibacterial and lubricating properties. It is medically known as cerumen.

Ideally, there is an orderly migration of ear wax from the ear canal to the ear opening where it would dry up and fall out from the ear or where it can be easily cleaned away from the ear.

Some people tend to produce more ear wax than others. If this is not cleaned off periodically and appropriately, it could accumulate and lead to ear blockage.

Lack of some nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, and zinc can lead to overproduction of ear wax.

Some signs and symptoms of excess and accumulated ear wax include noise in the ear (tinnitus), temporary hearing loss, odor from the ear, itching, pain in the ear, and ear discharge.

While most people do regular ear wax removal as part of their periodic hygiene routine, some people, unfortunately, use Q-tips, bobby pins and other objects to clean out the ear wax. However, these objects could push in the ear wax further into the ear canal causing it to accumulate and irritate the ear.

Below are 12 natural home remedies and treatments to get rid of hardened ear wax from the ear; Continue reading “12 Natural Home Remedies And Treatments For Ear Wax Removal”