Tiny House with Lots of Kitchen Storage and Organization Ideas

This tiny house has lots of storage especially in the kitchen. It has two lofts and a fairly large amount of windows.


  • Propane tank for stove and on-demand water heater
  • Lots of windows
  • Dutch door at entrance
  • Fold-down table
  • 2 lofts, both used as bedroom and have sliding doors
  • Ceiling fan
  • Mini split AC/heater
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Staircases with storage underneath
  • Closet around kitchen area
  • 18″ stainless steel sink with butcher block counter top
  • Lots of cabinets in kitchen
  • 4 cubic foot refrigerator with cabinet underneath
  • 3-burner propane stove
  • Bathroom vanity, medicine cabinet, flush toilet and 40″ tub with shower head in bathroom

6 Tiny Houses With Predominantly Black and White Decor Ideas

These 6 tiny houses essentially have black and white interior designs, living rooms and room ideas. All 6 tiny houses have previously been featured in Tiny Quality Homes or in one of our tiny house plan designs.

1. Tiny House with Beautiful Interior Design Ideas

This tiny house has a gorgeous black, grey and white interior design. It is a beautiful custom tiny house that also has an incredible tiny bathroom. Continue reading “6 Tiny Houses With Predominantly Black and White Decor Ideas”

Tiny House With Lots of Space and Family-friendly Storage Ideas

This tiny house is a Craftsman tiny house. It has a lot of windows which makes it looks very spacious. It also has a lot of kid and toddler friendly furniture and storage ideas.


  • Roughly 300 Sq Ft
  • Lots of windows (20 in total)
  • High gable roof design
  • Couch with space underneath for storage
  • Fold-up table and stools
  • 24″ propane gas range with oven
  • Microwave oven
  • Farmhouse sink with quartz countertop in kitchen
  • Refrigeration unit
  • kitchen Cabinets
  • Oak-wood staircase with storage underneath
  • Shelf spaces (for books, toys, etc)
  • Washer/dryer combo
  • Countertop dishwasher
  • Propane-fired On-Demand water heater
  • Toilet sink and shelves in bathroom
  • Composting toilet with kid’s seat
  • Beautifully tiled shower

Massive Tree House With Cool Design Ideas

This is a large multi-level tree house. It was designed by Beilharz of ArtisTree and is located in Cypress Valley close to Austin, Texas. This tree house has a bathroom, a living room, two bedroom (a master bedroom and a kid’s bedroom), a butterfly hatchery and soil-type roof.


  • Beautiful bathroom with a lot of wood decor
  • Arc structure to support all trees
  • Kitchen with oven, coffee maker
  • Fridge/freezer unit
  • Stainless steel sink with wood countertop
  • Medium-size dining table
  • Lovely interior design
  • Auxiliary outdoor shower
  • Well-designed living room with two connecting bedrooms
  • Children bedroom with reclaimed pallet wood wall
  • Master bedroom with queen-size bedroom, reclaimed cedar cast wall decor and reclaimed cypress wood floor
  • Heating and cooling system
  • Usage of renewable energy; Solar and Wind
  • Butterfly hatchery