13 Natural Home Remedies and Treatments For Corns And Calluses

Corns are thick and hardened skin layer that forms when the skin is subjected to continual intense pressure or friction. Calluses are larger than corns. Foot corns and calluses are the most common form of corns/calluses.

People that are physically active, such as athletes, and people that tend to wear ill-fitted shoes tend to have corns and calluses. Corns most often develop on the toes, especially the top and sides of the toes.

Other people that tend to have corns include; people with bunions or hammertoes, people with scars or warts on their feet and people with damaged sweat glands.

Symptoms of corns and calluses include; hard raised skin bump, thick and rough skin, pain when pressing on the corn.

Below are 13 natural home remedies and treatments for getting rid of corns and calluses; Continue reading “13 Natural Home Remedies and Treatments For Corns And Calluses”