Tiny House with Minimalist Furniture and Decor Style

This tiny house was built by The Tiny House Company in Australia. It is of a subtropical minimalist design and has some interesting features such as a remote-controlled bed and a removable modular deck.


  • Built on a trailer and ready to go off-grid
  • Designed for subtropical climates
  • Lots of wall shelves
  • Heavy use of recycled Australian Hardwood
  • Modular removable deck
  • Bathroom with shower head
  • 4-burner gas stove with oven
  • Large stainless steel kitchen sink with single-lever faucet and recycled wood countertop
  • Washer/dryer combo
  • Beautiful remote-controlled bed

6 Tiny Houses With Predominantly Black and White Decor Ideas

These 6 tiny houses essentially have black and white interior designs, living rooms and room ideas. All 6 tiny houses have previously been featured in Tiny Quality Homes or in one of our tiny house plan designs.

1. Tiny House with Beautiful Interior Design Ideas

This tiny house has a gorgeous black, grey and white interior design. It is a beautiful custom tiny house that also has an incredible tiny bathroom. Continue reading “6 Tiny Houses With Predominantly Black and White Decor Ideas”

Tiny House Gypsy Wagon Vardo With Antique Home Decor and Furniture

This tiny house gypsy vardo camper trailer has an antique decor and furniture setting. It also has bunk beds.


  • Gypsy vardo is loaded on a trailer
  • A lot of hand-on exterior detailing
  • Double-pane vinyl windows
  • 10 windows
  • Full-size bunk both top and bottom
  • Some of the windows are made with custom stained glass
  • Antique furniture