35 Natural Home Remedies For Stress Relief

Stress is common in our society. The hustle and bustle of life make stress commonplace. Stress is not always bad. Small doses of stress or stress that motivate us to achieve more than what we believe we can is considered good stress or eustress.

However, this article would be tackling how to naturally treat stress in its debilitating form. This type of stress can lead to difficulty in sleeping, headache, fatigue, and chest pain. In fact, chronic or acute stress can lead to high blood pressure, obesity, anxiety, and depression.

Below are 35 natural home remedies for stress relief;

1. Eat Asparagus. Folic Acid, In Asparagus, Helps Stimulate Serotonin Which Calms People


2. Take Lemon Balm Extract In Moderation


3. Sleep


4. Eat Soup


5. Take Yogurt


6. Take Coffee In Moderation


7. Chew Holy Basil Leaves


8. Consume Foods Rich In Vitamin B Such As Beans, Blackstrap Molasses, Eggs,  Legumes, Dairy Products


9. Soak Your Body In Epsom Salt


10. Listen To Music


11. Take Hops. It Is A Natural Sedative. Take As An Extract Or In Tinctures Because Hops Are Very Bitter


12. Improve Self-Talk In Your Head


13. Eat Spinach


14. Take Chamomile Tea


15. Drink Passionflower Tea


16. Get A Massage


17. Eat Healthy


18. Chew Sugar-free Gum. It Helps Reduce Cortisol Levels


19. Eat Walnut


20. Take Blueberries. They Are Very Rich In Antioxidants Which Are Powerful In Reducing Stress


21. Laugh And Smile Often


22. Eat Wild Salmon


23. Take Deep, Slow Breaths


24. Eat Avocado


25. Be Grateful


26. Eat Brown Rice


27. Consume Ashwagandha Tea (Indian Ginseng)


28. Consume Almond. It Is Good For Stress Relief


29. Drink Green Tea


30. Take Oatmeal


31. Take Valerian In Tincture Or Capsule Form


32. Exercise Often. Exercise Is A Huge Stress Reliever


33. Meditate Mindfully


34. Aromatherapy. Inhale Stress Relieving Oils Such As Oil From Lavender, Cypress Or Rosemary


35. Stop Being Pessimistic


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