30 Natural Home Remedies and Treatments For Dry or Damaged Hair

Hair can get damaged for a variety of reasons. these reasons include using harsh alcohol or soap or shampoo, poor nutrition, use of heat dryers, exposure to hot and dry climate, exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays, swimming in chlorinated water, lack of hair moisturizing, and stress.

Below are 30 natural home remedies and treatments for dry or damaged hair;

1. Massage Avocado Paste Into Hair And Scalp


2. Apply Butter To Get A Good Hair Sheen


3. Apply Shea Butter To Hair


4. Apply Ghee Butter To Hair


5. Apply Blend Of Raw Egg And Olive Oil To Hair. Rinse Off After 1 Hour


6. Apply Yogurt Paste To Hair. Rinse Off After 45 Minutes


7. Massage Hair With Hot Essential Oil


8. Massage Hair With A Blend Of Honey And Olive Oil. Rinse Off After 30 Minutes


9. Lubricate And Moisturize Hair With Olive Oil


10. Apply Coconut Oil To Hair


11. Apply Sesame Oil To Hair


12. Moisturize Hair With Tea Oil


13. Apply Castor Oil To Hair


14. Nourish Hair With Sandalwood Hair Tonic


15. Apply Lavender Oil To Hair


16. Nourish Hair With Rosemary Oil


17. Rinse Hair With Herbal Tea (Green Tea, Black Tea, Chamomile Tea)


18. Apply Aloe Vera To Hair


19. Massage Hair And Scalp With A Blend Of Banana And Egg. Rinse After 30 Minutes


20. Apply A Blend Of Coconut Oil And Honey To Hair. Rinse After 20 Minutes


21. Condition Hair With Beer


22. Use Sage Tea To Rinse Hair


23. Rinse Hair With Comfrey Tea


24. Massage Hair With Mayonnaise. Rinse Thereafter


25. Rinse Hair With Curry Leaf Tea


26. Reduce Frequency Of Shampoo Usage


27. Avoid Drying Your Hair With Heat


28. Rinse Hair With Dilute Apple Cider Vinegar


29. Maintain A Healthy Diet


30. Avoid Using Permanent Hair Colorants


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